Beginner Adventure Packages

Kayak The Famous Fjords Of Norway

This trip is an epic weekend of paddling through the legendary Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and comes complete with a night camping and sparking up the BBQ by the side of the fjord.

Glacier Kayaking In Canada

Pass over some of the most spectacular scenery on Earth. You’ll paddle out onto inimitable turquoise water surrounded by the kind of scenery you’d only otherwise see on the desktop background.

Culinary Kayaking In Sweden

Paddle the Saint Anna Archipelago and you’ll be greeted with a kayaking journey that’ll see your efforts rewarded. A fantastic pairing of kayaking and culinary delights.

Sea Kayaking In Greece

Kotronas Bay: Half-Day

We drive to Kotronas where we will start our paddling. With our kayaks, e will get close to the small rocky isthmus, as well as the chapel that is perched on a sea rock.

Kayaking The South: Day Trip

Starting our trip exploring the picturesque small coastal village of Gerolimenas we paddle South along rocky gardens made out of stiff cliffs, pirates caves and hidden beaches.

Oitilon Bay: Sunset Tour

We offer you the best sunset tour, which will last for approximately 2 hours. The magic colors of the sunset will give another glimpse of how you view those stone-built fishing villages.

Go Wild In Greenland: Extreme Offers

2-Day Ammassalik Area Kayaking Tour

On this kayaking tour, it is not uncommon to encounter curious seals while listening to icebergs crumbling in the distance. Paddle through to feel the domain of the giants – the whales.

Full-Day Sermilik Fjordscape Kayaking Tour

This trip is suitable for everyone interested in experiencing the magic of Greenland with an oar. Northern lights will definitely light up the night sky for us.

Half-Day Disco Bay Kayaking Tour

On this adventurous trip, you will explore the Disko Bay area with a kayak. We will paddle around great icebergs, explore a sea cave and the small island Qeqertaq.

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Bjorn Bishop

An experienced kayak tour guide and instructor

At Aikyalink we offer a wonderful kayaking experiences in different parts of the world. Before each trip you will be briefly informed about the place you are going to go kayaking, your route and further instructions as well as safety guidelines. Our tours are suitable both for the experienced kayakers and for the first time paddlers. By kayak, you can stay overnight at your own campfire on a river bank, or on sites with overnight shelters.

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